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Thorium Design Has Moved!

July 18, 2019 9:36 am Published by

Can we share some exciting news with you?

First of all, if you have plans to visit us, don’t go to the old spot in Granite Bay! We have relocated our office to Rocklin.

You thought the old office was kind of cool? Our new one really ups the ante. Well, it’s better on the inside, even though it’s in a more industrial area of town.

Our new address is 4416 Yankee Hill Rd, Rocklin, CA 95677.

Thorium Design has moved to Rocklin

Funny name for a street. Not as classy as Douglas Blvd! But we didn’t let that stop us. 🙂

At our new facilities, you’ll find roomier meeting spaces, multiple restrooms, and a full kitchen! What’s more exciting than more space?

How about new services? We’ve inherited an audio recording studio and engineering room, and we’re now offering podcast recording and engineering services. With a bit of work, and maybe some improved lighting, the studio could be great for video recording, too.

We also want to mention a new project we’re working on. You might be able to tell, we’re pretty thrilled about this, too.

What are some of the most difficult aspects of putting your business online? We often encounter business owners who would love some easy-to-understand worksheets or some coaching and training on key aspects and terminologies related to their website or their SEO or advertising.

So then, we’re elated to be working on providing a series of resources, some free, for helping people understand their digital assets a little better. Topics will include things like: how to perform a detailed competitive analysis; how to choose the best keywords for SEO and ads, or; how to write compelling copy so people actually call you!

These worksheets are based on things we’ve learned internally for the past 2 years and also based on things all of us here at Thorium have learned in the industry over the years.

When it’s ready, we’d like to send out a broadcast about it. Anyone currently running a website or ads, or looking to start, should be able to glean new, valuable, actionable insights from the resources. (Your friends will thank you when you send them the link!)

In other exciting news, Thorium has recently become a Google Partner! We’re fully qualified and now certified to help you grow your business on the web using Google Ads.

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