Jarrett Tilford

Chief Executive Officer

Jarrett began his interest in computers when he was a young child. As a kid he mastered the old Reader Rabbit PC games, learned how to achieve first place at Pole Position, and smashed old retired electronics to bits on the driveway.

He built his first computer and began learning to code at age 15. In the following years, he learned everything he could about Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, HTML, CSS, you name it. He is an information sponge.

By age 18, he had already produced a few websites. He eventually became fixated on the ideas of User Experience – the idea of stripping down websites and apps into objectives and goals, rather than information pieces. Everything he designs, he designs with purpose.

Jarrett started Thorium Design, LLC in March of 2017 after spending the previous few years heavily involved as a web developer for other companies. He wants to bring his purpose-driven design abilities to your project, to help you meet and exceed your business objectives.