How much does a website or logo cost?

Website Pricing

Every website is different. Every website is priced differently. An affordable website generates revenue for your business.

A website should be an investment, not an expense. If your website makes more money than it costs, is it actually expensive?

With a good idea of your needs, we can give a good price. The first step is getting in touch. Some of our websites can go for under $1,500, while some might be over $20,000. It all depends on your needs!

Logo Pricing

It really depends on your needs, and what you can afford. For about $1,200, you can get a custom logo, with about 12 concept pieces, between 3 different artists. Your selection will be very broad, and our creativity will shine.

For about $500 or less, we should be able to make a basic logo. The catch? Your selection during the concept phase will be smaller, without the added benefit of having several designers working together.

Get in touch with us, and you’ll be well on your way to a new, amazing brand identity.

Landing Page Pricing

A landing page is a special page for your website. It is designed to sell one product, or make users take one action. If you have any advertising campaigns, you will likely need to direct those users to landing pages – not just your website home page.

Landing page pricing is very flexible, depending on how many you need, and how different they need to be. Five nearly-identical pages will be less expensive than three wildly-different pages.

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