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$29 Audit Deal – Get Expert Advice for Your Business

April 17, 2018 5:22 pm Published by

To most business owners, their Facebook, Website, and Google presence are confusing!

What’s my SEO Score? Is my website good enough? Does it need to be faster? Why aren’t I being found on Google or Bing?

Ugh, it’s all too much information. Why can’t we go back to printing flyers and putting them in the library?!


Folks, it doesn’t have to be confusing!

You may be missing an important piece. A key partner!


Why try to learn everything, when an expert can do it for you?!

I like to say it this way:

“You can give me a hammer and blueprints, but does that make me a carpenter?”


People toss around phrases like “online website builder” and “easy social media plan!”


But they’re selling you a set of blueprints.

And let’s face it; you started this business because you love what you do.


You don’t love learning all about online marketing and advertising, and how to make a good, fast website.

All that stuff is boring!


No, you want to get back to doing what you love. Whether that’s interior decoration, landscaping, selling retail, or whatever it is that you do!


You didn’t sign up to become a web expert!


Well, you’ll be glad you found us.

We can provide, for just $29 until the end of April 2018, a comprehensive audit of your online presence.


That’s over 85% off the normal price.

We’d love to sit down, take a look at what you’ve got, and gather our expert opinions into a report, just for you!


If you’re interested, please do fill out the following form. You’ll be happy you did!



If you’re still wondering if $29 is *truly* the best deal you’ve seen, just look at what some of our customers have to say about us:




Read Rhett K.‘s review of Thorium Design on Yelp


Read N T.‘s review of Thorium Design on Yelp


Read Janine K.‘s review of Thorium Design on Yelp



We could keep going with reviews from other places (check us out on Google, or on Thumbtack, or on Facebook to see why we have a 5-star rating across the board), but we think you get the picture already.

So definitely don’t miss out on this rare chance to get an audit for just $29.


Here’s that form, just one more time:


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