Thorium Design LLC

Our core values

Good businesses, business owners, and their employees deserve success. If you treat people right, provide value to your customers, and keep your word, then we want to make your company a wild success.

What we do

At Thorium Design we make websites, landing pages, graphics, logos, print designs, and app designs. Everything we do is Purpose Driven Design. When we are designing a website or landing page, we optimize for guests to take a primary desired action.

Everything we design, we design cleanly and purposefully. We set measurable goals, and we measure for results. If our designs aren’t filling their purpose, we’re able to adjust strategy accordingly.

We are located in Granite Bay, California. We provide Folsom web design and development. Website development services in Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, and the Sacramento area.

What is Thorium?

Is your website fast?

We build websites which load in under a second, sometimes half of a second. You should check out our article about 5 critical things your website needs.

Affordable websites.

What does it mean to be affordable? Your website is affordable if it makes you money. Do you need an affordable web development company near Roseville, California?

Thorium Design’s Advantages

1. Good User Experience Design

You may have heard the buzzwords, and you might have a good idea of what a good UX can provide. This is really where our team places our focus.

All websites and products have user experiences. We want to make sure ours outperform the competition. We spend a good amount of upfront time on each project defining the system and the needs, researching, planning, exploring, deciding how to communicate to users, and more, before we officially build your website or your marketing campaign.

Without goals constantly in mind, and a set scope of tasks, how can we possibly expect to build the right product, and build it on time?

2. Surprising Abilities

Our company is young, yes. But we have experience and passion on our side. Being self-taught, all of us are able to overcome virtually any programming obstacle quickly and effectively.

We work very professionally in a Git versioned environment, so every change and commit made to our code is traceable and understandable. This also allows your team to follow along with our daily progress, if you so choose.

3. Our Commitment to Quality

We hate to see a product go out the door when we know we could be improving it. That said, we know perfection is the enemy of the good. We strike a very good balance, and you’ll be absolutely floored by the quality of custom design and performance we create for you.

We bend over backwards to give clients a product miles beyond what they expect. We can get page load speeds on virtually any site to be mere fractions of average sites in an industry. On occasion, we should be able to get page load speeds of your site somewhere in the 0.4 to 0.8 second range, with the way we do things. Not your typical WordPress dev shop.