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4 questions to ask your website

December 11, 2017 3:37 pm Published by

Finding the value of your website can be difficult, but can prove to be rewarding. Many people do not realize the potential a website can have on producing revenue, and questioning a website’s effectiveness is often overlooked. However, thoroughly evaluating your website’s effectiveness could lead to some surprising results.

1. How many people visit your site?

The first, and arguably most important question that must be answered when figuring out if your website makes you money is simply HOW many people visit your site? Many businesses think that simply having a site online is enough to generate business. This is far from the case. With the competition for SEO getting harder and harder to compete with, smaller businesses are often times difficult to find online, leaving their website desolate and empty of visitors. To find out whether or not anyone is even landing on your site, simply install analytics to count each unique visitor. After all, you can’t make money without customers.

2. Do your users engage with your site?

Good SEO will bring customers to your site, but what next? Often times, if a website does not engage a guest (within 5 seconds) they will leave. Keeping users interests is one of the most important tasks of a website. In order for users to feel inclined to make purchases or book appointments, they must first be interested in your site. Checking to see if users interact with your site is the perfect way to see if they are maintaining interest in your product. Tracking heat maps that show where your users click or when they leave a site would help you get a feel for whether or not your clients are interested in your site.

3. Do you get any leads from your site?

Taking user engagement one step further, evaluating the amount of lead generation your site does is very important. A lot of websites can look beautiful and function well, but struggle to bring in leads. Making sure your website brings you leads is the fundamental purpose of having a website. How can you possibly expect a website to bring you money if nobody can find your contact information to reach out to you from the site? In order to ensure leads are generated online, make sure to make contacting you as simple as possible.

4. Does your website make you money?

Aside from bringing in active users and generating leads, your sites most important function should be to make you money. Are any of your online visitors turning into paying customers? Or are they all leaving your site before making a purchase or deciding to contact you. To find out how many customers your site generates, consider finding out where your customers are coming from. Here at the office, we use multiple phone numbers for each place of revenue.

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4 questions to ask your website
Questioning the effectiveness of your website? Here are four important questions you should ask your website to help increase the value of your website.

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